Geographic Information Systems

The following are representative environmental GIS projects conducted by Michael R. Martin and/or Cedar Eden Environmental.

Adirondack Clean Waters Initiativeassembled a geographic database of all available inAdirondack Clean Waters Initiativeformation on nearly 2,200 lakes and ponds in the Adirondack Park, including over 3,500 records. The information was then used to identify those lakes that are potentially developable, to demonstrate the status of water quality information within the Adirondack Park, and to identify those few remaining lakes that can truly be considered unimpacted by human factors. Major data layers: roads, rivers, rails, towns & places, county boundaries, lake location. Associated databases: lake morphology, ownership, water quality.

Blue Mountain Lake Watershed Development Impact Modeling – creation of watershed t_bml-shedGIS to model the potential impact of future development on ther water quality of Blue Mountain Lake, NY. This watershed GIS was used to develop input parameters for EutroMOD, a watershed/water quality model. Major data layers: roads, lakes, streams, watershed boundaries, APA land use categories. Major analyses: model input parameters for EutroMOD, nutrient export.

Conservation District Employees Training – customized GIS training wortraining04kshops at annual Conservation District Employees Association training sessions. Topics have included introduction to ArcView, ArcView tips & tricks, and the use of GIS for conservation planning.


Columbia County NY GIS Data Library – creation and installation of comprehensive columbia-elev-thumbcountywide GIS data library for Columbia County Soil & Water Conservation District. Digital data library included: high resolution color and infrared aerials, topographic maps, hydrology, watersheds, roads, wetlands, soils, elevation. ArcView 3.x and 8.x project/map files were provided for ease of data use.

Franklin County Agricultural Environmental Management – creation of GIS for t_faem-01Franklin County Soil & Water Conservation District/Water Quality Coordinating Committee to assist in the development of a county-wide tiered assessment of agricultural practices in northern Franklin County, NY. Major data layers: roads, waters, soils, land use, municipal boundaries, hydrologic units, farm locations. Associated databases: farm practices gathered during Tier I & Tier II data collection of NYS Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) program.

Fulton County Agricultural Zone Redistricting – creation of GIS & analyses to support the t_fulton-ag1.jpgredistricting of the Agricultural District in Fulton County, NY. For this project, we combined existing digital parcel information with parcel information we are digitizing off of scanned tax maps. In the process, we had to readjust the coordinate base for some of the tax maps to get an accurate match of adjacent maps and have had to work in four coordinate projection systems. Major data layers: original Ag District, digital elevation model, Real Property information, digital topographic maps, farm locations (created from an old SWCD paper map), hydrography, NLCD land use, roads, and wetlands.

Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management Program – an updated, comprehensive watershed t_lwwmdGIS was developed by Michael Martin for the Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management District. The GIS contained the following layers: Transportation, Hydrology, Boundaries (Towns, Counties, Watershed), Best Management Practices (BMP) Locations and Data, NPS Problem Area Locations and Data, Water Quality Stations and Data, Soils, Land Use, Topography (Slope, Contours), Wetlands, and Floodplains. Some of these features can be seen on the Lake Wallenpuapack Watershed Management District’s website (also created by Michael Martin), including NPS Problem Area Locations and Data, BMP Locations and Data, and selected GIS layers.

Lewis County Agricultural Environmental Management – creation of GIS for Lewis County Soil t_lewis-ag& Water Conservation District to assist in the development of a county-wide tiered assessment of agricultural practices in Lewis County, NY. Major data layers: parcels, roads, waters, municipal boundaries, hydrologic units, farm locations. The GIS is being used by the County as they continue to implement their AEM program. All data were converted to multiple projections for ease of use with various existing data sets.

Statewide Agricultural Environmental Management GIS – development of statewide programaem_home_logo for collecting and managing AEM data using GIS for the NYS Department of Ag & Markets and the Soil & Water Conservation Committee. The project included the design and development of data entry software, statewide GIS data layer creation, analysis of compiled data, creation of project support website, technical support and statewide training to implement the process across the nearly 60 county Soil & Water Conservation Districts across New York State.

Pike County PA Long-Term Water Quality Trend Analysis – Organized 10 years of water tp-640.gifquality data for 56 stream stations (chemistry & macroinvertebrate) in Pike County and conducted a long-term water quality trends analysis. Cedar Eden Environmental, LLC also prepared GIS trend graphs, educational Powerpoint presentation, and web pages for the PCCD website to showcase the results of the study.

Santa Clara Land Use Plan Map – used GIS to create municipal Land Use Plan map to santaclara.gifaccompany newly adopted Land Use Master Plan for Santa Clara, NY. The two master Land Use Maps, printed at a scale of 1″ = 2000′, is over 90 inches long and can be seen in the Santa Clara Town Halls. Smaller versions of the Land Use Map were also created for field use. Updated Land Use map several times to incorporate new information, including revised land use codes and parcel boundaries.

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