Aquatic Plant Mapping and Management Plans

Adirondack Lakes Aquatic Plant Mapping – conducted aquatic plant mapping programs on numerous lakes in the Adirondack Park, including 80+ lakes & ponds in the Upper Saranac Lake watershed/canoe area, Big Wolf Pond, Upper Saranac Lake, Mount Arab Lake, Eagle Crag Lake, Gull Pond, Mountain View & Indian Lakes, and Upper & Lower Chateaugay Lakes.

Chautauqua Lake Macrophyte Management Strategy Development – a unique MMS Coverapproach to macrophyte management for 13,000 acre Chautauqua Lake in western NY. The strategy took a unique approach to the management of aquatic plants, applying concepts of land use zoning to Chautauqua Lake to delineate zones within the lake’s littoral zone based on environmental conditions and human uses, enabling managers to identify areas of the lake where conflicts are most severe and assign priorities for management. The plan was developed by identifying and analyzing aquatic plant densities, critical environmental habitat, rare /threatened /endangered species, human use zones and patterns, and ultimately ranking conflicts between human use, environmental features and aquatic plants to create a comprehensive, zone-based management strategy. The project examined all methods of macrophyte management and assigned potential management methods to each of over 200 zones around the lake in order to support lake use while protecting the natural resources. View the plan here.

Chateaugay Lakes Aquatic Plant Mapping and Management Plan Development – aquatic plant mapping of Upper & Lower Chateaugay Lakes and the Narrows in northern NY and development of an aquatic plant management plan. Made extensive use of infrared aerial photography and GIS technologies to develop the aquatic plant distribution maps.

Minerva Lake Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Plan & Permits – development and implementation of an integrated plan to control excessive aquatic vegetation in Minerva Lake, NY. The plan incorporates winter water level drawdown with an annual aquatic mapping and assessment program. Obtained two consecutive Adirondack Park Agency Permits for aquatic plant control.

Mountain View & Indian Lakes Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Plan & Permit – development and implementation of an integrated plan to control Eurasian milfoil in Mountain View & Indian Lakes, NY. Obtained a 10-year Adirondack Park Agency Permit for Eurasian milfoil control.


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